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We got the chance to interview creative minds behind We The Children recently! Let's get to know the brand!

How was the brand created?

The brand was created out of necessity, we noticed children’s eyewear was not up to quality or protection standards nor were there any chic frames around so we found a gap that needed to be filled.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

We are inspired deeply by the 70’s, we love Hollywood glamour, we connect with Palm Springs & Slim Aarons always is a vibe.

What is the creative process like?

Its actually really organic, we get together and brain storm and workshop what we have been vibing lately, how we can break limits and set new boundaries, we play with colours we have been feeling and we get creative with our new shapes and styles, always drawing back to our inspiration mentioned above.

What is your favourite current product?

The Only Valet shades, they are super chic and say “out of my way”, the colouring is super fun with an opaque white acetate and sweet lilac lens. We can never get sick of pastels I don’t think!!

Favourite current trend in fashion, in general?

The Palm Springs trend, hehe is that a trend or just our total vibe that we live and breathe lol.

Will you ever make adult glasses? Asking for a friend..

That is definitely a goal in the future, don’t worry we have been asking each other too… just for a friend of a friend lol

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

On the global market on a larger scale, in department stores and of course on the street protecting our kids eyes all the while elevating every mini’s fashion game!

Where can we buy your amazing sunnies?

We sell them online @ www.wethechildrenco.com and ship globally, we also have some stockists throughout South Korea, Shanghai, USA, Australia & New Zealand!

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