Hooligans Style | The Middle Daughter FW21

Photography Abi Campbell | Art Direction and Styling Tracey Jacob | Hair and Makeup Brooke Neilson
For the winter season The Middle Daughter stops to ponder on the wonder of habitat’s. Less so the natural but more of the habitat’s that we create. The developed prints of Arboretum and Menagerie are the result of these musings.
Cedars, Spruces, cones and logs, giraffes, primates, flamingos and a cockatoo all find their place within the hand-painted prints.
The concepts of a botanical garden, where species of trees are collected, studied and protected, and a menagerie, where all kinds of exotic animals and birds are kept, brought to mind a curiosity for the special spaces that we all long for.
Our innate desire to be cosseted and safe is reflected in the quilted styles. A cocoon shape balloon-sleeve top, a midi-length skirt, and a puffy sleeved deep peplum dress, all lightly wadded and quilted, lend themselves to warmth and a soothing.
The jacquard sweat shirting and soft jerseys, in print and yarn-dye multi-stripes to roll neck dresses, stretch turtle-neck top’s and leggings offer comfort and an ease of wear. Yet our need to shine, connect, and perhaps even be a peacock, is met in the taffeta styles and the 70’s inspired floral print Far-out Floral.
The presence of one-colour styles sit harmoniously amongst the prints, in taffeta and cotton sateen. Pie-crust hems, square necklines, smocking, contrast bindings and colour-blocking are the details that are peppered throughout.
The collection palette of Greens: Perrier and Cavelo Nero, Lilac, Mother Earth Brown and Late Afternoon Blue are highlighted with touches of Chartreuse and Giraffe Tan.
This habitat inspired collection seeks to offer a salve to the wearer yet nourishes the appetite for the free-spirited girl, that The Middle Daughter is, to break-free. Captivating. Not captivity.

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