Zanzibar by Abi Campbell 

I’m very fortunate to be commissioned by Family Traveller magazine to explore the world with my children and to write about our experiences for their publication. The diversity and culture my children encounter on their travels has opened their eyes to the world around them and given them real perspective on life.

Quite often they meet children less privileged than themselves, it means that they have learned to appreciate things which most take for granted – education, food, water, sanitation, clothes, a home.

Zanzibar is a stunningly beautiful, thriving island which has huge tourist appeal, but like many parts of Africa there is a large percentage of children who live below the poverty line.

Most families can only afford to feed their children one meal a day and malnutrition is a major problem. 40% of the population are illiterate. Sanitation is poor and access to safe water is a daily struggle.

Jemima  (my daughter) and I visited a local village school on our recent press trip to Zanzibar and noticed that the largest classroom sat empty, bare and un-utilised. We asked why and were told by the head master that that the school lacked funds to concrete the mud floor, put in windows and to make the walls and roof safe.

To run alongside my fashion editorial in this months Hooligans magazine and the images that were taken at Langoni Primary school, Jemima has asked that we start a charity in collaboration with Hooligans Magazine to raise funds to make a safe learning environment for these children a reality. The total cost of this project is $1500 USD

In the spirit of giving this festive season, we would like to extend the invitation to help. All funds will go directly to the school and the project achieve their goal and will be overseen personally by myself in collaboration with very reputable Xperience tours Zanzibar (

Thank You and Merry Christmas.

Jemima, Abi and Hooligans Magazine

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