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 Wonder Crew, is a new line of toys that brings emotional intelligence and creativity to boys’ play.  
Wonder Crew was developed by Laurel Wider, a psychotherapist and a mom who was called to action when her son came home from preschool one day with the message that “boys aren’t supposed to cry.”  

“Culturally boys are taught to prioritize toughness and self-reliance. This is evident in many of the toys marketed to boys”, said Laurel.  

Wonder Crew is action and adventure meets friendship and teamwork, a line of Crewmates (aka dolls) that are small enough to care for, but large enough to be part of any adventure.  It’s My Buddy for the Z generation. 

With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Will, Wonder Crew’s first Crewmate is now in production.  Currently Will comes in the Superhero adventure which includes a matching piece of adventure gear for the child to wear (cape and mask) and a mini comic book.  The Builder adventure is being offered as an add on and more adventures and Crewmates to come!  While Wonder Crew was inspired by boys, it’s truly meant for any child. Wonder Crew’s online store is now open and taking pre-orders, expected delivery August 2015!  

Wonder Crew’s mission:  to inspire kids to “Go anywhere.  Be anything.”

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Photos by: Lynne Graves Photography

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