Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

Guest Post by City Girl Gone Mom, Danielle Schaffer!


HOOLIGANISM: n. the disruptive, rowdy behavior of a youngster
Quite the contrary. In the U.S., we use ‘hooligan’ as a term of endearment for wild kids who roll in the mud, kick sand and simply march to the beat of their own drum.


And these hooligans turned mini-voguesters are paving their own way with colorful creations designed by some of the best in the business.
Eclectic fashions are bypassing the streets and taking these tykes straight to the #coolkidsclub. Are you with us? Are your littles runway ready? Equipped with a unique edge and cool, innovative style, these uber adorable kids certainly are.
I’ve been on a relentless quest for bold, colorful threads for my family for quite some time. And the saying is true, that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, because my kids are pretty dead set on setting themselves apart when it comes to their spring/summer wear. They wouldn’t dare be seen wearing what Becky and Suzie have on. And as their mom, I encourage them to set the bar. Set it high. I’m confident they’ll spark creativity in other kids when it comes to confidence via fashion. This fun, euro-tropical layered look does it for them… what does it for you and your tribe?
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” – Dr. Seuss


Models: Zoey L (@Zosia_Ray), Siblings: Jackson S, & Dylan S with Zuri Model & Talent (@citygirlgonemom)
Artful Bath Towels: Cosi
Photographer, art direction & styling: Eliza Logan Photography  @elizaloganphotography



Jackson: OX_WEAR T-shirt and Shorts  I  Zoey: EFVVA Dress, Molo Sunglasses  I   Dylan: EFVVA Sweatshirt, MOLO Shorts and Sunglasses


COSI Artful Towels  I  Zoey: EFVVA Dress and MOLO Sunglasses  I  Dylan: EFVVA Sweatshirt, MOLO Shorts and Sunglasses


Jackson: EFFVA Jacket, MOLO Tank Top and Swim Shorts


Zoey: HALO LUXE Headband, OX_WEAR Romper, NINA & NELLI Hoodie


Jackson: OX_WEAR T-Shirt


Dylan: EFVVA Dress, ZARA Vest


Jackson: EFVVA Jacket, MOLO Tank Top and Swim Shorts  I  Dylan: EFVVA Dress, ZARA Vest  I  Zoey: HALO LUXE Headband, OX_WEAR Romper, NINA & NELLI Hoodie


Zoey: OX_WEAR Romper, HALO LUXE Headband, NINA & NELLI Hoodie


Dylan: EFVVA Sweatshirt


Zoey: EFVVA Dress, MOLO Sunglasses


Dylan: EFVVA Sweatshirt, MOLO Shorts and Sunglasses  I  Jackson: OX_WEAR T-Shirt and Shorts


Jackson: OX_WEAR T-Shirt and Shorts  I  COSI Artful Towel


Dylan: EFVVA Dress, HALO LUXE Headband, ZARA Vest


Jackson: OX_WEAR T-Shirt and Shorts  I  Zoey: EFVVA Dress, MOLO Sunglasses  I  Dylan: EFVVA Sweatshirt, MOLO Shorts and Sunglasses



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