We all scream for ice cream!

Hooligans Snack time | We all scream for ice cream!

It’s no secret that hooligans LOVE ice cream because its just so darn good! Its a personal weakness of mine.. my favorite is my sisters homemade vanilla caramel walnut swirl (drooling just thinking about it). Ice cream is such a great snack all year round but it’s especially yummy during these hot days we’ve been having! Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?



IMG_7623 IMG_7676 IMG_7685-copy IMG_7693 IMG_7709-copy IMG_7719-copy1 IMG_7722 IMG_7730-copyCredits: Photos + Styling: Camilla Nocito & Paula Jackson | Models: Adriana + Scarlett | Wardrobe: Adriana: Tee: Target, Jeans: Rips and Roars, Sneakers: Converse / Scarlett: Tee: Target, shorts + boots: Gap


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