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We are totally in love with Valmax‘s SS16 collection! Tons of fun prints and patterns-perfect for your hooligans!

Celebrating the new era of ValMax, we look upon it as another milestone in the long history of our company. Started by the Sbiroli family, ValMax traces its humble beginnings back to 1959 where the matriarch of the family began sowing children’s baptism dresses at the young of age of 12 in an Atelier run by a convent in Putignano, Italy.

Captivated by the artistry of creating artisanal children’s clothing Orestina Intini knew she found her passion, creating and designing dresses. Her passion for dressmaking carried her to push against the current of tradition and she became the first women to industrialize the art and craft of artisanal wedding gowns in Italy. Her passion for artisanal dressmaking and drive for innovation would become to embody the spirit carried by all the lines presented by ValMax.

In 1959 under the spirit of authenticity and love ValMax was founded after meeting her soon to be husband Pietro Sbiroli, he then became the business mastermind of their venture. A company born out of love and in honor of the couple’s first two children, Valerio and Massimo, ValMax was created!

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