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This summer’s fashion will be filled with bright, bold patterns, and textures. So it wouldn’t be a surprise that we are absolutely in love with Ultra Violet Kids! They have the cutest prints that are playful but so stylish! We cannot wait for their AW15 collection!

Lets get to know Michelle Chaplin, the founder of UVK.

Why did you decide to start Ultra Violet Kids?  I am a woman special designer by trade so when Violet turned 1 made her an outfit for her birthday. Since everyone loved it so I decided to make more and sell them on my Etsy store. Ultra Violet Kids developed from there.

Why did you decide to make everything in LA?​
I believe in keeping my business in Los Angeles because I like to give back to our growing economy and make everything in the USA helps give jobs to the people in our country that need them.

What’s your favorite part of designing?  I love to research fashion through books and media, shop vintage, draw, make patterns, shop for fabric. My favorite part of designing is developing a new collection. I am so excited about my newest Ultra Violet Kids AW15!

What appeals to you most about the prints you use?​
I like fun prints that can lend themselves to sophisticated silhouettes but still be playful enough for a kid.

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image-16 image-12 PSX_20150427_235409 PSX_20150428_000120

Credits: Photos + Styling by: Gaylin Nicole + Monika DeVinny | Models: Jace, Courtney + Brandon

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