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Aptly named The Wonder HourTutu Du Monde’s latest collection of exquisite garments and accessories for little girls captures the magic, joy and expectancy of Christmas, taking us back to that childhood feeling of dream-like anticipation. Fairy queen, prima ballerina or princess, Tutu Du Monde will transport your little girl to the realm of childhood magic and fantasy where she reigns supreme.

The colour palette of red, gold and white depart from Tutu Du Monde’s signature soft palette of dusty pastels and muted hues. Silvery beads are splashed across ruffled bodices, crystals peep from frothy fabrics and jewel- bright hues and ethereal pastels perfectly complement the dramatic silhouettes and signature ballet shapes. The emphasis is always on quality design and craftsmanship, while the vintage spirit ensures every piece is timeless and worthy of becoming an heirloom.

This stunning Wonder Hour capsule features perfectly coordinated items such as headdresses, jewellery, beautiful capelets and ballet slippers in bold red, finished with silk bows and dainty trim.

Each garment is constructed from soft, comfortable cotton jersey and delicate tulle with lightweight cotton lining. Dazzle with a white cape and a bold Alice band red bow in keeping with the festive season. Or select from a range of gorgeous embellished clips and headbands – our little ballerinas are never too young for a touch of Parisian glamour. There is even a bewitching, bejewelled mask and matching tiara for a final touch. To capture the warmth and fun of Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, the Wonder Hour includes several pieces featuring summery prints – perfect for the holiday and party wardrobe. The collection offers a range of sizes from infant to tween (where appropriate) and your choice of garment or accessory is sure to delight even the fussiest princess.

Although the collection reflects the spirit of Christmas in the colour palette, most pieces are designed to be worn on any occasion year-round for special celebration events or just for play in the childhood world of magic and make-believe.

The Wonder Hour is magically theatrical and guarantees to bring a sparkle to the eye and warmth to the heart this Christmas.

Whether you are an existing fan of the brand, or just want to browse and discover, the website – www.tutudumonde.com – is a joy. Not only does it showcase beautiful products; it also gives an insight into the values and inspirations that have made Tutu Du Monde a formidable global presence in the tutu domain.0GgJBRE6_ANYlH9aKOcLcy-JNrP2sZQVO9g6AuBVIc4 4N_ZjgShC18hbZli7UBteX99JGo_qJ9OXZYYNIL4ONs 6hzBSPrUoqHeT0Zb-1NbXNffLGhbN0ZdltfuSg9ysWA Fu9EYP1j6KnpaK5nwYAP3NwAUEMB4xgSk6sWMQvKcNU gl7k4Y0HDCRMTfKbrLwH0rH58jAhFw5Q4duUX4Q5dug gRQiVo35Gp2MI1Jql9FeSjN0yKt2rY6Secm76yg8JRg HOqy9BqtuesAlT035FpiE2qApRDSRdWbNPz9InX3GEk i1jT5ISylzqdtfXxr3h-6xGP_sXrQuZB62vSJJnq-Oo jMc5KhkxVZfb-NUiof7hSMJJvM3pZis-HGqC4KPfbd4 RMXaqTPgbzlrsWztUh-8nTPwGVU6e20ZWPatRq_sbdM wRXwdMmQbjkvK_o6_sn0WOznoDR6a0iHtrp5tauwgDY ioBZ4Njl-GAZEJEOONfuz9LFwhaOZBdhJtaD7STH7C0 LJK6xSk2wa_G_0e-b_17wteNCP3Zd3rdSpPXb0pC68Y

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