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I had the opportunity to interview Andrea Rembeck the owner and mastermind behind Tutu Du Monde:

1. What inspired the Dream within a Dream line?

The inspiration for the collection came from the everyday dreamlike states we all experience. We wanted to showcase those hints of the surreal and bizarre in wonderfully grand surroundings.

2. What is your absolute favorite piece from this collection?

I think it would have to the the ‘Mythical Creature dress’, it’s one-shouldered and has fabulous ombre shaded sequin work, gradating from a light to a dark purple.

3. What made you get into children’s fashion?

Upon the birth of my daughter in 2005, I took sometime out to enjoy being a mother, not realizing that this very act would blossom into the birth of a brand too. I discovered that little girls loved to lose themselves in make-believe worlds and, more than anything, cherished beautiful tutus. When my daughter asked me for one, I embarked on a quest to find one that was not mass-produced, hot pink and polyester. I couldn’t and decided there was a gap in the market for tutus made from natural materials, cottons and silks. That’s how Tutu du Monde was born in 2009.

4. What is your creative process like?

It often starts with travel and scouring vintage stores and markets all over the world in the search for beautiful, timeless pieces with exquisite craftsmanship, which ultimately provide inspiration for my tutus. Once the collection has been designed and sketched up I hop on a plane to India and spend a week or two in the workshop sitting with the beaders to transform my ideas and sketches into reality. It’s very exciting to get completely immersed in the creative process of materialising the new designs whilst soaking up the hustle and bustle, the sights and smells, colours and languages and tastes of India. The ever-smiling, wonderful people and the constant amazing discoveries at various markets and stores continue to draw me to this incredible country.

5. What’s your favorite part about designing kids clothes?

The fact that it’s incredibly rewarding. We’re hoping to create so much more than just a piece of clothing, something that stays with them for years to come. Encouraging little girls’ inner beauty, celebrating their outer beauty, cherishing their innocence, blossoming their confidence and freedom. Bringing happiness and joy to little girls.

6. Does your personal fashion taste reflect the work you create?

I can’t say I wear a lot of tulle but despite the ornate embellishments, there is a certain minimalist/modern approach to Tutu du Monde and a subtleness as far as colours go. You won’t see any garish bright colours in our collections, they’re not my thing so yes I guess my personal taste comes into designing collections.

7. We see your adorable daughter on Tutu Du Monde’s page all the time. Does she help with the design process at all?

We travel a lot together and she absolutely loves going to vintage markets, trade fairs and shopping of course. She knows what she likes and certainly makes her opinion known when she comes to the studio. She has lately taken to sketching dresses so I might be out of work soon…

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