Trendy Hooligans | Telina 

Photography: Eliza Logan Photography | Styling: Veronica Alvericci | HMU: Rasheeda Ameera | Model: Telina Paris




MSGM Canvas Gilet + Geometric Skirt @shanandtoad

Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A5525_edit Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A1013_edit Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A1009_edit Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A0787_edit


Hucklebones Weave Scalloped jacket & shorts from Shan and Toad @shanandtoad

H&M striped button down shirt

Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A0779_edit Eliza_Logan_Photography_3Q7A0768_edit 3Q7A0948_edit


Señorita Lemoniez Orange Bracciano Dress from Ladida  @ladidakids

Crew Cuts Necklace & Bracelets from Jcrew

Zara sneakers

3Q7A0916_edit 3Q7A0893_edit






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