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Laura Blythman

Artsy Hooligans | Laura Blythman I have been a fan of your work for a long time, it is so colorful and fun! What is your favorite part about creating these magical pieces? The brainstorming, […]

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Mina Caragay

Artsy Hooligans | Mina Caragay We instantly fell in love with Mina Caragay’s (from @lovelylaylababy) artwork! Totally obsessed with every piece! – When my mind wanders, I drift to an enchanted dreamland. A place with pink […]

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DIY Fox Mask

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Fox Mask Guest post by: Paula Jackson Instructions: supplies you’ll need, a multicolor construction paper pad super heavyweight paper, a pair of craft scissors, hole puncher, Elmer’s glue, pipe cleaners (aka […]

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DIY Halloween Cat Mask

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Halloween Cat Mask     Halloween Pretty- How to get the look Photos, words and styling by Charlotte Cretney: @little_hepburn  Audrey Cretney is wearing Hux. What you need: Step 1 photo: What […]

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DIY paper sunflowers

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Paper Sunflowers Guest post by: Mina Caragay Supplies: Tissue paper Frozen pizza cardboard (or cardboard cut into circle) Craft paint Glue Begin by painting the center of the Sunflower on the […]

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Music Lover

Artsy Hooligans | Music Lover One of the best arts is music. Looks like little miss Paisley has the right taste in music! I mean who doesn’t love T Swift?!! And we are loving her […]

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Fruit Poms

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Fruit Poms These DIY fruit poms are so fun to make for parties, or just for a fun decoration for a kids room! Lets learn how to make them: supplies: sharp […]

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Peg Dolls

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Peg Dolls If you and your littles are feeling artsy on a rainy day, these DIY peg dolls are perfect to make. The best part is that they can use their […]

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diy recycled moon mask

Artsy Hooligans | DIY Recycled Moon Mask In celebration of Earth Day today, we decided to create something fun AND eco-friendly. The moon mask is crazy simple to make and you can make it out […]

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