Sweet Cottontail

Sweet Cottontail

Today we are so excited to announce the launch Sweet Cottontail‘s e-commerce site. Sweet Cottontail has the absolute sweetest little girls dresses. The dresses are so delicate and dainty. We spoke with the co-founder, Sara Oakley and she told us their story:

Sweet Cottontail began as a dream¬†…

…A dream inspiredly the sweetest little girls in our own everyday lives….
To keep their sweet innocence a little longer & bring their sweet personalities to life. So in 2011, we created a brand that would truly bring our daydreams to life.
We began creating dresses & play clothes fit for a tea party or a game of hopscotch. Creating clothing that is just as feminine & sweet as the precious little girls wearing them. But most importantly, we created a brand that goes against the grain of “throw away fashion”.¬†Our clouting has a timeless quality that is difficult to find in today’s world of fast fashion.
Sweet cottontail modernizes childhood classics & makes them current and evolved. But always reinterpreted through the eyes of a child & sweet imagination of a little girl. It’s all about clothing she can twirl around in circles for as png as her little heart desires.
We also wanted to create a brand that makes a difference & keeps the American dream alive. Our clothing is made in the USA for that very reason. To build a stronger future for our children.Our clothing is meant to be lived in, passed down & loved for generations to come.We invite you to make Sweet Cottontail part of your little ones most beloved childhood memories. Enjoy!! Make sure to twirl a bit for us!


Sara Oakley

-Sweet Cottontail Co-founderDSC_0680cport DSC_0836c DSC_1502cport DSC_1795c DSC_1873cport DSC_1876cport DSC_1348cportREV DSC_1550cport

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