Sunny South Carolina

Trendy Hooligans | Sunny South Carolina

Photos and post by Nathan Blaney

Models Lina and Emma @therecuperotwins Sydney @sydney_cw_model Mia @miaellaclyburn Kendra @strongmomma79 //Swimwear by @submarine_swim // Bracelets by @emoji_girl_bracelet

I recently escaped the cold and dreary weather of NYC and headed to Charleston, SC for a long weekend. The trip was somewhat spontaneous and casting this shoot was quite an adventure… the lineup fluctuated even right to the last minute. We ended up with a truly solid group of models. Lina, Emma, Mia, Sydney and Kendra hadn’t worked together before but it took mere minutes for them to get familiar with each other. Before we even finished trying on the wardrobe for the pool location, it was as though they’d know each other forever – great chemistry on set! We had a great selection of Submarine Swimwear suits to shoot and the girls all immediately had a favorite. Inspired by the suits, the girls all donned nicknames such as “Tie Dye” and “Lifeguard” and referred to each other that way throughout the shoot. We also had a box of Emoji Girl Bracelets which the girls were not familiar with, but they flipped when they saw them – truly a treasure trove in their eyes! Our next stop was Folly Beach and we set up camp under the iconic fishing pier. The water was warm and the sand was inviting. We were careful to dodge the big jellyfish, but still got to enjoy the ocean. It was a long and tiring day for everyone, but we all agreed it was totally worth it!1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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