Hooligans Canvas | Stripes

Photographer: Zoe Beltran | Stylist: Francesca Bisceglia | Make-Up and Hair: Elisabetta Chiesi | Model: Aysha @piccolissimome

Socks: Zara Shoes: Zara

Shirt: Style’s own Jumpers: Zara

Dress: Mango Tshirt: Cos Jacket: Mango Shoes: Zara

Tshirt: Cos Dress: Mango

Dress: Zara Jumpers: Zara, Pants: Zara


Shirt: Mango Glasses: Vintage Thsirt: Cos

Socks: Cos

Dress: Zara Jumpers: Zara

Jeans: Mango T-shirt: Mango Shirts: Zara Shoes: Zara

Shirt: Zara

T-shirt: Zara Belt: style’s own Dress: Zara Shirt: Mango Socks: Cos Shoes: Zara

Shirt: Zara Skirt: mango Pants: Zara

Shirt: Zara Skirt: mango Pants: Zara

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