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Some say that travelling through 1980s sci-fi, the nineties seapunk, Africa’s wild safari and always sunny LA in one time would not ever be possible. In molo’s SS16 collection we will prove them wrong and take you on a journey through raw reflectors, iconic light swords, flowered neoprene jackets, tracksuits, tinga-tinga prints, easy French and clean sportswear, fine cotton terry and light fabrics topped with a chilled LA vibe. 


On our pre-delivery 1980ies sci-fi meets the nineties seapunk and the tension between the charming and sporty. The boys will have to prepare to enter a slightly futuristic universe filled with metallic surfaces, aliens and skeletons fighting with the iconic light swords. Denim jackets, neoprene hoodies and soft cotton t-shirts are just some of the key styles that will come in nice warm steel and douche colours with a twist of technical or sci-fi details such as raw reflectors, which is normally seen on outerwear, X-ray prints, and hoodie zippers that closes up over the head. The girls will have the chance to prove their inner girl power in must haves such as a flowered neoprene jacket or a neon-pink tracksuit with flowers down the side.


Next stop on our trip is the first delivery and it will be a more down-to-earth destination. Africa’s wild safari with its insidiously snakes, huge prickly cactuses and leopards running faster than your jaguar even drives with the accelerator fully depressed is worth a visit. Remember to stop by the local bazaars offering everything from beautifully African prints to tinga-tinga illustrations that adorn dresses, t-shirts, skirts and shorts in strong colour splashes. If you are not that much into wild life, but more into watching baseball or wearing comfy clothes maybe a pit stop in The United States or France is more you? Here the action is on a minimum and instead all is about the easy sport or the chilled French vibe. Fashion style icons like the classic chinos or the striped tees have got a sporty and relaxed twist and the colours are mélanges, silvery, red and indigo, while fabrics are soft and light. Must haves for the boys are a cool black and grey layer-on-layer set or a pair of reinterpreted chinos in soft and stretchy cotton.


There is no place like LA, so of course this is where we end our journey. The second delivery invites you to go play a game of tennis in the morning and ride your surfboard in the evening with the twilight arch displaying the sunset’s many different orange-red hues of colours. Have a break in comfy clothes in sun bleached shades and blue tones, feminine palm prints, lots of stripes and a touch of 70-vibes. The boys have to make sure to catch one of the retro comebacks as t-shirts in ringer-style or with elbow length sleeves and stripes. For the girls the Sourpuss print with cats and swiss leaves are worth mentioning like the most adorable fine cotton terry set in douche pink and green colours.

Also, the SS16 collection offers a wide range of accessories ranging from caps with glitter and cool patches, sandals with tassels and zebra stripes, glittery tights, silver and camo printed backpacks and countless shades, socks and hair accessories.

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