Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand Pitbull Flower Power 

Flower Power is in its third year! It’s incredible how much impact this project has had so far. Besides getting dogs adopted, it has started a revolution in the way pit bulls are perceived around the world. Decades ago, society created a modern hellhound: the pit bull. Without being a proper breed, “pit bull” became an umbrella term for any “scary-looking” dog. As stories of horrific abuse emerged, press and politics blamed the victims, the dogs, instead of blaming the real human culprits. Ever since, pit bull advocates have fought an uphill battle. How do you prove the dogs’ innocence when the public assumes guilt, and when bans and vilification serve political agendas? With Flower Power, people are seeing beyond the looks and prejudice, some for the first time. They peer into the pit bull’s soul.

Buy the calendar here: Instagram: @SophieGamand. #PitBullFlowerPower.

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