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Guest post by Kimberly Gladsden
     Juliet (7) and Ella (5) are very close. They are both very sensitive, sweet, caring girls. They are very attached to both my husband and I.
     Juliet is much more outgoing than Ella, and comes out of her shell more quickly. She is definitely a natural leader and also very athletic.  She loves soccer and swimming, her favorite subject is Math. Ella is very generous and always shares anything she has. She very deep emotionally for a child so young. Very soulful. Shy.  Much more of an introvert than Juliet. She will be starting kindergarten next month. (Juliet is going into 2nd grade). They have very typical first born and baby of the family characteristics. Ella looks up to Juliet as a role model and I see Juliet feels more secure when Ella is by her side.
     Are you familiar with “Sophia Grace and Rosie” from The Ellen Show? Well that is them! They love watching clips of the girls, reading their books and watching their movie! In fact they love playing “friends”. Ella’s nickname is Rosie and Juliet’s is Jordan. They call each other Rosie and Jordan. Their favorite thing to do is pretend play. They play friends or family. No television, devices, electronics of any kind. They just dress up and go around the house playing friends! It’s so adorable and I love listening to their dialogue. You also haven’t met 2 girls who love an introduction more than them! They love being announced before entering a room and often announce each other!

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Credits: Phtography: Isla Charm Photography | Styling: Inspired Styling 


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