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Photos by Ashley Larson

Scout Larson of @hello.scout and her mom, Ashley Larson began a photo project with Scout dressing up and representing strong female icons. Ashley carefully chooses outfits and photos of strong women to recreate and photographs the 3 year old model. Scout has dressed up as women such as Emma Watson, Frida Kahlo, Adele but their favorite is her Nonnie. Scout and her mom began this project when they found out that Scout’s Nonnie had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The project was a reminder that women are strong and can do anything. We are happy to report that Nonnie is now cancer free!!¬†

We asked Scout some questions and what she likes most about dressing up!

What is your favorite part about dressing up as strong women?

I like to dress up because they are strong and smart!

Which person did you like dressing up as the most?

Nonnie (giggles)

What made you and your mom start this amazing project?

Because my mom wants me to be strong like Nonnie!

What is your favorite thing to do with your Nonnie?

I like to have sleepovers with Nonnie.

What does being strong mean to you?

To be tough and you can do anything!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Scout: I want to be a Dolphin Trainer, and if Im not a Dolphin Trainer, I’ll be a unicorn.

Ashley: And if all else fails, you can be Moana?

Scout: YESSSS!!

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