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Art Direction & Photography: Jordan Millington. | Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Martin Lane Christopher.

Model: Brookelin @Official_Brookelin Future Faces NYC

Scroll down for a Q & A with teen model Brookelin.

Stella Mc Cartney White ‘Bella’ Patch Top, Gucci Pink Silk Lurex Skirt, Joshua Sanders Smile Platforms.

Gucci Grey Galaxy Sweatshirt, Givenchy Black  Pleated Skirt, Obey Socks, Gucci Silver Glitter Platforms.

Gucci Pink Wool Coat, Gucci Pink Silk Lurex Skirt, Gucci Pink Sunglasses, Gucci Silver Glitter Platforms, Stella McCartney White Patch Top.

Kenzo Japan Fans Printed Sweater, Stella McCartney Denim Dungarees.

Dark Blue Sequin Dress, Prada Sandal.

Kenzo Japan Fans Printed Sweater, Stella McCartney Denim Dungarees.

Fendi Yellow Jersey Dress.

Q & A with model Brookelin.

JS: How long have you been modelling for?

B: I’ve been modelling for four years and it has been a great ride so far!

JS: To date which are your favourite modelling shoots?

B: My favourite shoots to date have to be my Nike shoot, the Hooligans issue six cover shoot with one of my favourite photographers Eliza Logan who I have worked with for my whole career and this new shoot with Jordan. Jordan is such an amazing artist and person.

JS: What is it you like about modelling?

B: I love modelling because I get to meet great people including my BFF Cassidy Eveler. I also get to travel a lot which is amazing too.

JS: Who is your favourite model?

B: My favourite models are Cara Taylor and Algo Brehane.

JS: Who inspires you?

B: Both Cara Taylor and Algo Brehane are my inspiration. They are such great role models for a young model like myself. They are hard working queens and make me want to keep chasing my dreams.

JS: What is your biggest dream?

B: My biggest dream is to transition into an adult model and walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret.

JS: What do you want to be when you are older?

B: When I grow up I want to, of course, be a model and some type of Doctor, either a dermatologist or a vet. I love animals and I’m a big advocate for pit bulls.

JS: If you could change anything in the world, what would you change and how?

B: If I could change one thing in the world it would have to be racism and gender equality. In my eyes, we are all equal no matter what colour skin or what gender or sexuality a person is. I have love for all and judge according to a person’s actions.

JS: What are your hobbies?

B: My hobbies include modelling, dance and kickboxing. I’m a competitive dancer for ASD and it’s definitely one of my passions.  I love Modelling the most. I also take kickboxing classes with my mom, my BFF Lenora and my gramma. I need to stay healthy and be able to protect myself and have fun all in one and kickboxing is a great way to do this.

JS: What is your favourite subject at school and why?

B: I love writing, so this is my favourite. I love writing poems and expressing myself through the written word.

JS: Have you worked with Jordan before?

B: This is the first time I had the pleasure of working with Jordan Millington.  I was the first child model Jordan has worked with as he usually only shoots adults, so this is such an honour.

JS: Tell me a little more about the shoot.

B: The shoot was one of a kind. I was in designer heaven as the clothing selected for the shoot featured Gucci and Fendi, etc.  Jordan’s creativity and hard work is something I have so much respect for and his art is beyond amazing, he even built the set in his backyard all by himself.  Jordan is going big places and hopefully, we will be going to them together!! It was great to be part of this shoot. I was laughing constantly in between sets as Marty the hair and makeup artist, who is my new bestie, made the eight hours and 105-degree weather shoot, so much fun.

JS: A favourite moment or memory from the shoot?

B: My favourite memory of this shoot is the team. We all worked so beautifully together and this shows in the amazing end result. Please see below some Behind the Scenes images.

Image 1 – Brookelin, Image 2 – Martin Lane Christoper HMU and Image 3 – Brookelin and Jordan & Brookelin.

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