Issue 7 | scatter

Photography: Eliza Logan | Collage Artist: Lenka Laskoradova | Models: Lily, Siena, Sade

Scatter the pieces and put them back together.
Give them new meaning. New form. New life.
Two artists on the opposite sides of the globe created the new reality you see in “Scatter”. Lenka Laskoradova, a collage artist living in Czech Republic collaborated with Los Angeles based photographer Eliza Logan to bring you this series of images full of wonder and whimsy. Explore.

 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_2 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_3 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_4 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_5 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_6 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_7 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_8 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_9 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_10 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_11 Eliza_Logan_Lenka_Laskoradova_collage_12

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