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Founder and Director of Sydney based PR agency Piccolo PR.

I’m a homewares- obsessed 34 year old Sydney- based PR chic who moved from Melbourne five years ago to live my dream. I’ve always been personally and professionally hyperactive and generally like to ‘color outside of the lines’ in life. I’ve always loved stories. People’s stories, and I can talk, read and write for hours.

Media just seemed like the best fit.

The launch of Piccolo PR serendipitous. For years, people were telling me to start something of my own, but the timing just wasn’t right. I was then poached by an international homewares company to launch their brand into Australia, and everything from there just flowed.

Piccolo PR specializes in three distinct areas: Piccolo Home- Piccolo Kids and Piccolo People. I love what I do and have managed to hold the largest real estate of clients within these sectors.

HOME forms the cornerstone of our work. We love all things design. Over the years we’ve worked with Australian and international design royalty.

At the heart of it, Piccolinos are big kids, and Piccolo KIDS works with a jaw-dropping collection of babies & children’s’ fashion and accessories, from exciting boutique baby and kids products on the market. Piccolo PEOPLE is designed for interior designers, stylists, colour experts or makers within the design community who need personal branding and representation.

I really wanted to create a business that I knew would change the lives for small and medium sized Australian businesses by creating an agency that specifically concentrates on Kids, Design and personal profiling. I don’t like the notion of having ‘media lists’ as such as we speak to journalist within these three sectors on a daily basis… so the relationships we hold are very personal.

Follow us on Instagram: @piccolopr Twitter: @piccolo_PR


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