Runway, Chinatown and Snowflakes

Trendy Hooligans | Runway, Chinatown and Snowflakes 

Photos + post: Nathan Blaney

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a terrific model who is new to the NYC scene. Lia and her parents came all the way from Miami to work with local photographers and walk in big runway show. I photographed her on the runway and we were lucky enough to be able to meet up the next day for a one on one shoot. We agreed to head to Chinatown and Lia was a good sport about braving the cold without a jacket. Coming from the 90 degree temperatures of Miami just days before, it was a pretty radical change. Also, Lia had never seen snow before and mother nature obliged and made her wish come true – It was wonderful to be able to capture her experiencing snow for the first time!

Model: Lia with Future Faces NYC

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