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RECESS never lasted as long as you wanted. Some things never change…
RECESS NYC has debuted Fall 2015 styles – but they won’t be around for long.
Each style, the moto boot and embroidered moccasin, is a limited release. Once they have sold out, they’re gone for the season. Make your order now as styles are not expected to be available for long.
RECESS NYC debuted this fall, born out of an NYC fashion forward couple in search for baby styles that reflected their own. Showcasing classic SoHo street style, the boots are gender neutral, perfect for the littlest biker or bohemian in your family.

RECESS specializes in NYC imbued sophistication and luxury craftsmanship. Each pair of boots are made of extra soft 100% genuine leather, outsoled with protective rubber and insoled with light memory foam to give your babe the extra cushion as they take their first steps to first struts.

RECESS NYC has creatively partnered with fashion luxury brands such as OuefBang Bang CopenhagenSackMe!, Area WareIzzy and FerdMoloWishbone Design and many more to create visuals that inspire effortlessly chic ensembles.

Vogue & Harper’s photographer, Michael Pannicia has teamed with Fashion Director, Violent Gaynor (and her little Plum) to beautifully shoot RECESS NYC’s Fall 2015 Campaign.
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