Power and Connectivity

Trendy Hooligans | Power and Connectivity

Photography: Cathryn Farnsworth | Models: Brisa + Alexa | Makeup: Barbie Laurino | Hair: Brock Ergo Goldberg | Styling: Sweetie Lalich

Alexa is with Zuri and Elite NYC, Brisa is with LA Models Youth, AKA Talent and Abrams Artists Youth


Tops & Jeans- Topshop

Web_Picture1AlexaBrisa-3978 Web_Picture1AlexaBrisa-4328

Brisa’s top- Billabong


Top and skirt- Topshop

Web_Picture2AlexaBrisa-4646 Web_Picture2AlexaBrisa-4878

Brisa’s outfit- Topshop, Alexa’s dress-Savvy

Web_Picture2AlexaBrisa-4961 Web_Picture3AlexaBrisa-5710

Leotard- Topshop, Wrap skirt- handmade by Brisa’s grandmother Esperanza GallardoWeb_Picture3AlexaBrisa-5897

Leotard- Topshop


Top- Billabong


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