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Guest post by Nathan Blaney

Playtime New York, an American and International Childrens clothing trade show, opened its 12th edition this week. Playtime focuses heavily on European brands but US and specifically NYC brands and designers are also showcased. Attending this show for the first time, I was struck by how different the vibe was from other shows. It was calm and pleasant and immediately eye-catching. The show felt much more like a curated gallery than anything. It was immediately obvious that the designers and brands cared about the visitor experience and put considerable thought into their booth displays – no quickie afterthought presentation here! The show is comparatively small, but still, there were plenty of great designers to check out. One notable point is that there seemed to be an emphasis on clothing that is high quality and stuff kids can actually wear day to day. A few that stuck out were Velveteen, Sons and Daughters eyewear, HERO NY, Tiny Little Dream, little goodall and Ieva Fray…. but everyone there had something of interest! All in all, it was a great time and a nice introduction to some new (to me) brands and designers!


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