The 8th season of petitePARADE took place in NYC this Saturday, February 28. While all of the designers were very stylish, they had their own original ways of showing their personal trends in this years fall and winter presentation.


Anais & I revolutionized what we know as the “modern day fashion show.” After the models walked down the runway in their colorful and sophisticated, yet still easy to move in attire, they played in their clothing in an indoor playground to show how fun it was to wear these clothes!


Next, Little Miss Galia models rocked the runway in large black hats but with very contrasting pieces with many different patterns, colors and textures. Little Miss Galia brought a bohemian vibe to the runway.


After that, Aria models wowed the viewers with modern pieces that featured bright, geometric patterns with shiny tutu-like skirts and quilted style jackets.


Soon after, Biscotti and Kate Mack models came down the runway in beautiful, sparkly dresses that brought out the princess in everyone. Their models wore pale, delicate satin and tulle outfits.


In contrast to the girls who just walked down the aisle, Dillonger for little boys with big attitude, strutted down in the sassiest street wear around, with sunglasses to accent their swagger. The bold, edgy colors matched the boys rockin’ attitudes.


After the boys came off, Imoga presented Old Hollywood Glam. These models took us back in time to the era where women wore lace and veils, but Imoga added a modern pop of blocked color and shine. Metallics and solids were paired with furs and prints to create a variegated dynamic.


Last was the traditional Bonnie Young show. These teens and tweens came down the runway in the coolest furs, patterns and mixed textures. Many pieces featured asian inspired mosaics in a trendy manner.


Photography by: Anna Ksenzenko Photography

Text by Koko Kovalev

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