Petite Parade 3-12

Petite Parade 3 -12

We had such a great time at Petite Parade this weekend! There were 10 shows in all that included WILDFOX KIDSEMU AustraliaBaby CZ, Sen-35, Little Creative FactoryImogaDiesel Kid7 For All MankindButter Supersoft and Flowers by Zoe. Thank you so much to Gotham Portrait for snapping these incredible photos at the end of the runway!


WF-7509541 LCF-7501635 LCF-7501048IM-7501815 IM-7502272 IM-7502150 IM-7501752 FBZ-7503574 FBZ-7503535 FBZ-7503508 EMU-7509957 EMU-7509815 DZ-7502845 DZ-7502372 BSS-7503267 BSS-7503237 BCZ-7500798 BCZ-7500374 4AM-7503201 4AM-7503094

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