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Hooligans Style | Paade Mode SPRING/SUMMER 2016

From above and below. Through texture and light. Breathe in and breathe out. Look for it. Think differently. Vantage point.

In stores from January 2016, Paade Mode offers its 7th season for spring/summer 2016 called Vantage Point, Paade Mode has chosen bold embroidered fabric Kaleidoscope as its star, colourful and contrasting embroideries of cranes in combination with bright colours of coral and ultramarine. Lightness is added by delicate flow of white silks, and fluffiness of originally styled tulle skirts and tops called Candyfloss. The collection is finished off with a selection of matching leather necklaces, bracelets, headbands and hair accessories.


Seeking inspiration in Nordic nature, stressing on the importance of slow fashion and emphasizing each child’s personality, Paade Mode creates collections where ethically made garments, attention to detail and creative design choices play a pivotal role.

The brand embodies classic tendencies in combination with comfort and soft romance, by adding a modern twist with the choice of silhouette and colours. Tender touches are added by play of embroidery, textures of fabrics and patterns of knits. The collections includes styles for boys and girls from ages 6 months to 16 years. Materials range from natural linens, silks, organic cottons to Merino wool, Alpaca and cashmere.

Paade Mode stresses on the importance of slow fashion, thus many garments are handmade with special care. Meanwhile it also explores innovative technologies, such as seamless knitwear for ultimate comfort and delicate skin. Each item is thought out and created to stress freedom, imagination and simplicity. The brand pays attention to EU sourced materials and local manufacturers for a greener production.

The brand was founded in Riga, Latvia by its owner and head designer Linda Raituma 3 years ago. From the first collections Paade has received interest and positive feedback from international buyers (France, Japan, South Korea, USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany and others) and foreign press such as Milk, Papier Mache, Kid’s Wear Magazine and various bloggers, thus encouraging Linda to further develop her brand and show her view regarding children’s wear in the market and leading to the brand winning the Milk Fashion Design Award for the brand’s autumn/winter 2015 collection.

Linda seeks passion and drive for her design choices from her own children and nature around her while living in an urban environment. Through Paade the designer encourages to think more of what is truly important – family, attention and time together.

Paade Mode keeps it in the family, with values and a close knit team and works with local artists and craftsmen to create innovative and eye catching collections. Illustrator Edite Kirse develops embroidery and fabric patterns, while Inga Gailite crafts delicate accessories from leather, cloth and metal. Keeping an open mind Linda also invites guest designers to create capsule collections. Just this past autumn/winter season Linda worked with one of the top ten WGSN kids lifestyle bloggers, artist and stylist Santa Bindemane aka KidsGazette in creating Bindemane for PaadeMode and PaadeMode Teen for spring/summer 2016.  The brand pays attention to EU sourced materials and local manufacturers for a greener production.

PaadeMode works in various markets across the world in countries such as South Korea, USA, UK, Hongkong, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel.

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