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Let’s hear from Amanda Gift of Snaps Studio about her cover shoot!
Amanda: Every successful editorial shoot begins with inspiration and a concept. The concept is like a creative roadmap for the shoot that hopefully points the team in the right direction. For this shoot the concept was found during Paris Fashion Week. Fashion Week is always a great source of inspiration for me and this year I was drawn to the military uniforms and slick hair which I thought would be an interesting look on a young model.
Working with stylist Heather Rome, we decided that a nautical theme would be the best option. Heather was able to pull some fantastic outfits for our model, Makenna. This shoot was a successful collaboration between several creative talents and I am happy that the resulting editorial captures the structure and precision that I was looking for.
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Credits: Photography: Amanda Gift of Snaps Studio | Model: Makenna Klein, represented by Zuri Talent | Styling: Heather Rome | Hair: Kaye Dash | Makeup: Tracy Fay

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