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molo is launching a new, digital outerwear magazine that focuses on the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.  It’s a new vehicle to convey the technical properties of molo’s outerwear in an innovative, appealing way. It combines a visually dynamic presentation of the outerwear with in-depth interviews as well as additional editorial content that isn’t just about sales.

Digital communication is an important part of molo’s marketing strategy, so with the help of our new, online magazine, we have re-thought and challenged traditional print catalogues. The result is a digital outerwear magazine that is not only editorial and visual but it’s also an interactive tool, which includes direct links to molo’s other platforms and channels,” explains Product & Marketing Director, Rikke Jepsen.

A magazine for customers- a tool for retailers

molo’s vast outerwear programme is an important product group that includes garments and accessories with a lot of technical details. Customers demand a higher degree of functional performance from this group compared to other garment groups, so there is a greater need to be able to explain to customers the exact properties of each garment.

It can be really difficult for customers to navigate the world of water column pressure, breathability, taped seams, fit and the variations in the different reflectors available in the market; that’s why molo has gathered all the relevant information in one place in order to make it easier and more fun for the customer to understand molo’s outerwear,” says Rikke Jepsen.

The magazine is a source of inspiration, showcasing the season’s must-have jackets, colours and accessories with direct links to the products in molo’s brand shop. The magazine is also an invitation to take a sneak peak behind the scenes to see how molo creates technical, top quality outerwear.

The magazine isn’t just for customers; it is also a go-to tool for retailers where they can get inspired and educated about selling the outerwear collections to their own customers. Retailers can, for example, work directly with product links in the magazine so they guide customer traffic into their respective webshops or brand sites, which can also potentially boost sales for the retailer.

No PFC or harmful chemicals

This season, all molo’s technical outerwear with water resistant surfaces, including lovely ski jackets, snowsuits in 17 different colours as well as a wealth of accessories will now be without PFC (PFOS, PFOA). molo uses non-flourochemical alternatives, since we do not tolerate any harmful chemicals in our products.

Find the outerwear magazine here: 

Here are some of our favorite AW15 and outerwear pieces:  0y53l8idbE5RF2J43GAGhKMepLH4r47RGUOV-d_vx8w eqtGmdozq1e0aHex9DLIYwbwL0AoDGhcxu2z_uV0-A8,MzKPN4FLh-jdcZUoVaZGhhaLCCXK77aRTLT4TgUbNKM FJk-vDYSf9-2_UBee_c3GxT6GKECU6LVFYRUC3j9vrE,02abeBOA2eHiknDrczXTtux9ZqkQksPC_m4SZbBrwsk H0jgK4YgDxToCXO2mgqMte7zdbeVKnHok9paR2dkoFw j4tSnAmh_z76k8hc6sjnVdjzW4AGvtfytgehx9EjXHk kMuTOyGfINQv9Zkd6XG4lv-RKpikSxPeMxfivNkOIlg,VHV-PmxQpRy559UNFfmt3OV5WWGqlXTsNw3zi_Q4KkQ pCK5P1Z7NrD9uFtILyn1gSRTTzX_nxNYGbmxwadMAJk qilEevCvJdVzc5EzY6Qy28ay1UM8jRPzH0iNWHwNJbo,_frvu7Johi3VzdHuX0wLoJ6MZfFV4fXG3mm4cWvJ0S4 x3TL7k7XzEqZEIEDSSEjxJLsL8Y_oKv1Pf4yfTZAg8Q x9rN0rFPq84cJk3auhILgSJYVU32DnT9Gsa1gihfzXU,wS1PtFiPkog02iIDRO6-SMDTSscU8bezXVaQRpzty6g 9KZ1tD4xAoF0njedIzOmels9QKcYKk4_jXTnDoO4HDE FGauFdNg-9GKHDTcjhvO3kAsECUf9cpY9jdgYhMZGxE FOnpe7YTK-JguexP2aZl1zFc1WxDXVdZwA9LaCCrtDQ HQgn68JUDaK3seBb7gCVc_NiX-WkwvI6TKMtDZpUISo ozYu73D4nguTEftJpsc78prtVBS5PtQdx1hDUvkEyho qwPNdVxkoss_NgzbYxIa0O5xWsChOueyulAWL5B001I xaN_jB_YLhlAwhaDNxNNqjcEYMHisjfirUq_6QHfQW8

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