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Finally we’ve reached that blissful time of the year dedicated to nothing else but rolling in the grass, dipping your toes in the water and happily ignoring any alarm clock. And we promise you; this summer will be a never-ending one of a kind.

Dedicate your summer to the exploring the world in this season’s coolest prints. As we strolled along the beach we got inspired by beautiful seashells, we spent countless of hours looking at gold fish shells sliding through the water in small fishponds, we have searched for stingrays buried in sand and rode the biggest wave we could find, like we’ve always dreamt of, just to make the perfect prints for this season.

All right boys, summer’s up. This season it’s all about short and long sleeved swim shirts, cool tight trunks, swimsuits and boardies as well as our newest addition North bathing trunks, which is more loose fitted and perfect for the active kiddos.

The girls can dress up in lots of summerish swim styles. Besides the classic swimsuits, co-ords and beautiful bikinis with ruffles and cross over details and cool prints, we’ve added short boardies and a dressy skirt both to wear on top of your swimsuit as well as a detail on some on the other swimsuits.

With all the co-ords in different colour combinations, from solid colours to digital prints, it’s easy for both boys and girls to mix the separates in every way you want.

Complete the look and go extra safe with this seasons expanded accessories range. Besides bucket hats, printed caps, flip flops, soft towels and sunglasses in different variations, we’ve now also added straw hats and beach bags all in joyful print combinations and fresh, cool colours.

All molo’s swimwear has been tested for UV sun protection factor before and after UV exposure and it protects your child with a UPF at 40+ after wear and tear without compromising on design.

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