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Guest post by: Tina Cote

It is always an adventure with my sweet child. We drove to Carlisle, Massachusetts for an editorial shoot that Rhys was in. I had never been there, but we will definitely be going back. After the shoot we found ourselves at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, MA. The park consists of approximately 1000 acres. It has over 20 miles of trails that are family friendly. Rhys decided she wanted to style her own photo shoot. I snapped away, while she explained to me what she was doing. I was beyond impressed with this little girls imagination. She pretended to be a plant hiding among the greenest leaves, a pirate, who was on the lookout for ships, and of course her favorite thing a fairy that all dragon flies loved. I was amazed at her magical spirit. The dragon flies must have sensed her beautiful nature, because they would land on her. She was so happy. It was a reminder that kids have the best time just playing and being who they are. To capture ones inner being we need to let them feel they can create and be free to express who they are inside. From now on Rhys will be the director and I will take her lead. It was truly the best shoot ever.

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