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Little Skye is a one-of-a-kind children’s boutique that embraces the beauty, joy, innocence, and artful wonder of childhood. They are devoted to bringing you imaginative children’s and tween clothing, shoes, and gifts that are inspired by our natural environment and have a vintage appeal. Founder, Melissa Troise, personally curates quality products from around the world to enchant and delight you and your children of all ages. From these, they lovingly craft the distinct outfit combinations that define Little Skye.  They photograph them outdoors on children just being children so you can imagine, smile, and remember.

Because they know that you value our artistic styling, natural aesthetic, careful product selection, personal and knowledgeable service, and attention to detail; they dedicate themselves to building a shopping experience that stirs creativity and recalls the child within us all. The online boutique recently introduced their Spring collections including exclusive pieces from from Blu Pony Vintage for Little Skye, Paper Wings, PePe Shoes, MOLO KidsMiki MietteJak and Peppar, and more. International Shipping available.


Photography by Megan Dendinger

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