Like a kid in a candy shop

Trendy Hooligans | Like a kid in a candy shop

It’s always fun to take a trip to the candy shop and fill as many bags as you can with your fav candies! The best part is the vintage checkered floors and authentic signs and wrappers and gum ball machines (okay, its ALL good). Candy shops just make you feel like a kid again, with all the colors and choices.

RP_MG_7708_web RP_MG_7712_web RP_MG_7713_web RP_MG_7720_web RP_MG_7722_web RP_MG_7737_web RP_MG_7750_web RP_MG_7751_web RP_MG_7756_web RP_MG_7767_web RP_MG_7786_web

Credits: Photography: Rocio Russo Pearce | Styling: Mina Caragay | Model: Layla | Wardrobe: Cardigan: H&M, Top: Gap, Swan bloomer shorts: Swallows Return, Bear knee socks: The Wildling Kids, Kitty shoes: Mini Melissa, Hair bow: Made by your Favorites 

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