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We had the chance to interview the owner of La petite Gervaise:
1.) What was the inspiration for the AW 15 line?

This new collection is inspired by Wild West and most particularly by American hip-hop movement and the movie “Little Fugitive” (1953) in which a fearless little boy roams in Coney Island’s attractions and dreams of becoming a cowboy. In a “Street Cow-boy ” spirit, La petite Gervaise will unsheathe her unique pieces going through ” Averell ”  jeans to the ” Calamity ” dress including the revisited bandana.

2.) Can you tell us a little bit about La petite Gervaise?

La petite Gervaise is a high-end kidswear brand based and made in Belgium. This modern wardrobe revisits classics from children’s fashion and adds a street-wear twist to it. La Petite Gervaise dresses real kids, those who do silly things, are not as good as gold and like to have fun in their clothes. Bright colors, simple cuts, meticulous details, quality fabrics and unique prints, all of this made in Belgium.

3.) What is your favorite piece from this collection?

My favorite piece is the Colorado jacket. A mix of a bomber jacket twisted with a satined frill. The colors mix is surprising and is at the same time dressy and street wear.

Colorado LPGAW15_06

4) What inspired you to create La petite Gervaise?

I’m coming from a family of 10 siblings! I started making dresses for my little sisters when I was 12. And I’ve never stopped. After studying man and women fashion in Brussels, I came back to my first love, kidswear. This was so natural that I’m sure it’s the best choice I’ve ever made.

5.) Do you see expanding to adult styles in the future?

I do already adapt some of my kids models to adult size for special orders. I love the fact that adults dream of my kids clothing, and I’m trying to develop my brand in that direction. Why not try to please everyone? From 4 to 100 years old!

6.) What is the production process like for La petite Gervaise?

I work with one or two assistant on each collection. In my studio in Brussels I develop the designs, choose the colors and fabrics and work with different artists (graphic designer for example). All the production is made in Brussels. That allows me to keep an eye on everything, and to avoid the long travels during the production process. I also want to be sure of the working conditions of everybody around La petite Gervaise.

We are totally in love with the AW 15 collection. Here are a few of our favorites. LPG 2015 1LPG 2015 9LPG 2015 11LPG 2015 12LPG 2015 14LPG 2015 18LPG 2015 19LPG 2015 20


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Photography by Ludo Hanton

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