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With the new Joe’s Jeans Kids spring collection releasing, we interviewed the creative director, Matheos Sprague about the creative process and inspiration behind the collection.

-What was your role in the development of this collection? 

I’m the Creative Director, and for our first launch for Joe’s Jeans Kids with Five Star Apparel, I made sure we have a strong Spring ’18 collection with a great expanded assortment of new silhouettes, fits, washes, and sportswear. My goal is to embrace the JOES brand DNA and expand the collection offering.

-What do you do as a Creative Director? 

I work closely with my design team, from initial mood and color stories, narrowing in on new shapes, fits, and fabrics, all the way through to the details of each individual piece. I also make sure the line is made with the highest level of quality. It’s important to ensure the line has a strong point of view from all aspects, and I work closely with the sales team to ensure the line is merchandised correctly for each customer.

-What is your creative/design process like? 

Firstly, I like to see what’s happening within the Joes brand, and the premium denim arena. I travel extensively for market trend research and also overseas for new developments. Then along with the design team, we work together on developing new ideas along with refreshing our best sellers.

-What is the inspiration behind this collection? 

Color, fun, and modern simplicity. I wanted to focus on a strong color palette, within the Joes aesthetic, comprising of sun bleached tones associated with the west coast lifestyle. Retro music was a subtle inspiration within the line.

What makes it special/unique/different from past Joe’s seasons/different than other kids denim lines?

One aspect I feel is missing in the premium denim market is a fun use of color, and with Joes it’s a perfect brand to have fun with it, in a clean sophisticated way.  They have used color in the past, and I’m expanding on this by introducing more silhouettes, new fits, with more focus on details, comfort, and a greater wash assortment.

-What are your favorite pieces? What are you most proud of?

I especially love what I call ‘Twisted Classics’ where I take classic pieces and fuse them with other classic elements, creating a fresher approach to classic pieces that are very wearable, yet making them new.

Who is the Joe’s Jeans kid/your ideal customer? 

Someone who loves the elevated denim lifestyle, comfort, going on a different path, and standing out in a subtle, positive way.

They are ‘Quiet Rebels’

-Where can readers buy the products? 

There are many places now, with one of the main stores being Nordstroms.

-Anything you want to share about the upcoming fall line?

I will just say that it’s a VERY exciting theme, with emphasis on nostalgic and retro pop culture.

-Anything you want to share about hot kids denim trends? 

There truly are so many, but the key now is elevated comfort and newness with an edge.

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