Je suis en CP! SS16

Hooligan’s Style | Je suis en CP! SS16

Photography and post by Emily Kornya | Clothing: Je suis En CP

I love this collection (and designer) so much. I especially love the vegetable themed items, I think it looks not only cute but also very down to earth and free, I love the country feel. Other then just saying the clothing is beautiful (which it is!) I will describe it as how I would image a childhood summer spent in the South of France, or in a garden by a house covered with moss in the UK. Where children play freely and create their own worlds, which they return to the following summers to come.

IMG_4029 IMG_4095 IMG_4112 IMG_4263-2 IMG_4266 IMG_4268 IMG_4299 IMG_4453 IMG_4501 IMG_4542 IMG_4624 IMG_4725 IMG_4739

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