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Photography, styling and creative direction: Nadja Pollack | Hair and make up: Hanan Chahid | Models: Clara, Eva Luuna, Luna, Emily

Isossy Children is a global fashion brand for kids that inspires the confidence, individuality and self belief of children growing up and living in our diverse world.

Each collection brings fierce individuality through vivacious colour and textile prints which are all made by the brands creator Amanda Rabor.

Their ss17 ‘And here she is!…’ Collection is a story of raising the unconscious awareness of our inner child to the surface; bringing forth playful, electric and uncompromising pieces. They’ve used silver moon consciousness and luxe gold richness throughout; combining beautiful silks to produce iconic pieces.

isossy-ss17-1-of-8small isossy-ss17-3-of-8small isossy-ss17-7-of-8small isossy-ss17-8-of-8small isossy-summer-rest-4-of-18small isossy-summer-rest-8-of-18small isossy-summer-rest-13-of-18small

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