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Photography & Styling by Josephina Carlier | Hair and makeup by Clelia Bergonzoli | Model Emersyn Rose


A princess, a samurai, a superhero, a pirate—from innocence springs adventure, imagination, and triumph over adversity in The Canopy, the new collection from Infantium Victoria.

Drawing inspiration from the most magical of childhood abodes—the treehouse—every garment becomes an accessory to the imagination, personas are cast on and off, and plot lines emerge and recede in the dreamy realm of children at play. Fittingly, this season’s hand-drawn print is an arboreal retreat worthy of the epic pursuits of young heroes at play, complete with a rope and tire swing, kite, balconies, and a magical winding staircase.

An architectural collection steeped in Japanese influence, proportion and volume take centre stage. Statement tops and onesies with kimono sleeves and contrasting trims offer artful elegance while diaphanous layered capes and shifts with soft, oversized cotton beading are the perfect ensemble for princesses moonlighting as superheroes.

Building upon their signature black base, The Canopy introduces a brand-new palette to the Infantium Victoria catalogue with a range of fresh pastel hues—from luscious peach voile and shiny mercerized yellow cotton to a custom-designed green and white poplin with an optical, Escheresque quality.

Bold sculptural pockets safeguard the treasures of marauding pirates and lend pops of colour to a crew of wily bandits and their tomboy ringleader.

Throughout, Infantium Victoria continues to set the standard for luxury ethical childrenswear using GOTS certified cotton and artisanal buttons and thread, with all garments manufactured to the highest ethical standards.

Shop the SS18 collection here. Keep up to date with @infantiumvictoria via Instagram.

With collections truly unique to mainstream fashion, designers Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel are not afraid of “not fitting in.” Infantium Victoria is inspired by the mission to create a ‘new dimension’ in the kid’s fashion world, Julia and Dinie base their designs around the idea that children’s clothing should be sophisticated yet practical and functional yet elegant.

Infantium Victoria is designed in Belgium and made in Europe (Germany and Portugal) and there are a few items per collection sourced in India.  Every piece in the collection is handmade and created using certified organic materials and produced in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner. Proudly carrying the PETA-approved vegan symbol, the brand promise to only deliver animal-friendly products, not containing any leather, fur, skin or wool. The collection is available for children aged six months to 10 years.

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