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Guest post by: Mai Kakish of Almond & Fig

Oh Summer… 


ice cream float 11

Our family loves the hot and long summer afternoons, the smell of a freshly cut grass, BBQs on Sunday’s, patio dinners, ice cream cones, lots and lots of ice cream cones.. We love the countless picnics by the water, sandy little toes, salty air, and the sun kissed cheeks… We love those cool summer nights where we lay on the grass and count the stars. Or sit on a tree branch counting fireflies and dreaming of the clouds…Aww summer how we love you.

To celebrate the days before school starts, we are making ice cream floats lots and lots of icy, creamy, fizzy floats with a red cherry on top. Enjoy the rest of those precious summer afternoons and breezy nights. Make an ice cream float… a tall tall float.

Sophia’s Favorite Ice Cream Float:

ice cream float 8    ice cream float 14

4 oz Soda…any flavor, and if you can’t decide on a flavor pick 2 or 3…or 4

2-3 scoops of real good vanilla ice cream

Sprinkles….. Lots of colorful sprinkles

Cherries.. because everything is better with a cherry on top.

ice cream float 12                                        ice cream float 15 ice cream float 9

How to float:

Place two scoops or more 😉 of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass. Pour the soda right on top, garnish with a cherry and lots of sprinkles. You will need a tall straw and a spoon, because you wouldn’t want any ice cream left behind. Now enjoy the colorful, delicious and cold mess.

ice cream float 16ice cream float 18ice cream float 17
Cheers to summer with a cherry on top.


Mai from Almond&Fig

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