Hooligans Gift Guide

Hooligans Gift Guide 

This season we bring you our top picks in our stylish holiday gift guide!


1.) Tuchinda Cleo Blouse in Sophia Buds

2.) Modern Queen Kids Fanciful Feather Collar  | Lush white feather collar. Finished with an exquisite vintage sparkling metallic ribbon trim and seafoam velvet bow.

3.) Nico Nico Clothing Nike Jogger | A new wardrobe staple, the Nike Joggers will keep your kiddo looking sharp while on the run!

4.) Raspberry Plum Wink Tights | Girls cotton tights with fun abstract graphic heart face image on knee area.

5.) Puella Boutique Gray Dress and headband 

6.) Sem Sem Doll | Brunette plush dress-up doll.

7.) goumikids goumibundle | The ultimate newborn gift! This bundle includes their signature mitts, boots and jamms made of 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton blend. Each piece is breathable, naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable. Available in 3 colors; size 0-3 months.

8.) No. 718 Christina Rohde backpack | Cool fake fur backbag.

9.) Ma Belle Madamoiselle Silver Rain Hat  | A stunning bonnet in white decorated with silver drops.
Felt velour. Fully lined.

10.) Eden and Zoe Alexis Hoodie | A much loved staple in every wardrobe. This hoodie is the ultimate in comfort and style. Knitted from the softest cashmere and fine merino wool, with a flecked yarn contrasting color trim. Suitable for both boys and girls!  Available in 3 colors with sizing 2-12.

11.) Puella Boutique Crown Headband 

12.) A Mini Penny Unicorn Necklace | For the ultimate little dreamer… A porcelain Unicorn hangs on a 18k gold plated chain necklace with a gold cut out star.

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