Hooligans Clique

Hooligans Clique 

Join the Clique, and stay stylish!

Have you heard? Hooligans Magazine launched an online designer store Hooligans Clique!

It’s time to give back to all the designers who so graciously supported us! It’s time to connect the amazing editorials we feature to the actual clothes parents can purchase! It’s time to roll out Hooligans Clique- featuring the best in children’s design.

Carefully curated store will be featuring clothes for boys and girls ages 4 to 12. In our selection we will stay true to the cool, edgy style of our spirited kids. Comfort is our first priority -paired with original designs- that’s the way to go for the Clique!

We will be offering a wide selection of clothing from very affordable to luxury. Designers we will carry will be a mix of well known, established brands and new, emerging ones. Check out some of the brands available in the store!

Join the Clique and help us spread the news! www.HooligansClique.com


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