Hooligans Canvas | Waking Life

Photography: Shannon Weight @shannonweightphotography | Styling: Kendal McAllister @kendalhmcallister

Sweaters Tiny Cottons
Sweater Tiny Cottons 
Sweater Tiny Cottons

Blouse and Trousers Tiny Cottons 
Dress Tiny Cottons 
Tan Sweatshirt Monkind, Pants Monkind, Sweatshirt on waist Tiny Cottons, Shoes Pepe 
Sweater Tiny Cottons
Sweatshirt and Skirt Fresh Dinosaurs, Shoes Mikoleon
Dress Fresh Dinosaurs, Shoes Converse
Green Shirt Fresh Dinosaurs, Skirt Fresh Dinosaurs, Brown Shoes Mikoleon 
Yellow Shirt Fresh Dinosaurs, Pants Fresh Dinosaurs
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