Hooligans Canvas | No Time to Waste

Photographer: Freddy D’hoe | Styling @missjuliapiepkids 
HMU @emiliederoomakeup | Models Kas (@neleanthoons) and Milly (@mi.to_modelkids)  | Editing @lillyliii 

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day! We only have one Earth so we have to make an effort to treat her well. The world is surrounded by plastics and toxins, as represented in these photos. Here are some simple tips to help make a difference and celebrate Earth Day!

  1. Turn the lights off when you’re not in the room!
  2. Recycle anything you can.
  3. Bring tote bags to shop!
  4. Shop sustainable brands such as Stella Kids, Everlane and Billygoats and Raincoats.
  5. Drink water from a reusable bottle instead of plastic bottles.
  6. Make your own DIY cleaning products that are natural and good for the earth and your family.
  7. Shop and donate clothing to thrift stores- you’ll never believe the vintage pieces you might find!
  8. Go paperless- everything is in the palm of your hand anyway!
  9. Use reusable metal straws- they are really pretty too!
  10. Do these things everyday! Not just on Earth Day. 🙂
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