Helianthus (Sunflower)

Trendy Hooligans | Helianthus (Sunflower)

Post + photos by: Rean Chase of Alex and Bella Photography

Just like the Bumble Bee is attracted to pollen of the sunflower, so are children.

Toward the end of the summer on Colby farm, on the North shore of Boston, the farm comes alive with a fantastic field of sunflowers. The Children flock to this field along with the bumble bees, butterflies, gold finches and humming birds to dart among the rows and rows of bright yellow flowers.

This location was the perfect backdrop for Lacey Lanes’s incredible fall line. With the girls dressed in the greens, Browns, and golden tones of autumn against the buttery yellow hues of the flowers.

During the shoot the girls came alive with laughter and joy. Lacey Lane brought the fun to the shoot, with their fun quirky fashion. Lacey lane became the talk of the field, with bystander’s asking “please tell me who the designer of those outfits are, they are adorable, and love them.”

Huge shout out to Lacey Lane for these adorable outfits.

IMG_4299 IMG_4399 IMG_4634 IMG_4641 IMG_4673 IMG_4789 IMG_5053 IMG_5348 IMG_5363 IMG_6355IMG_5163 IMG_6407 IMG_6422 IMG_6733

Models: Amelia, Rhys, Anna, Jackson, Anya, Ava, Presley, Raya, Giani, Aubrianna


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