Greek Yogurt Ghost Bark

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Guest post by: Gaylin Nicole

Greek Yogurt “Ghost” Bark
Ingredients :
2 cups Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1 cup Coconut Chips
1 cup Blackberries ( or any berry of choice )
1 cup Raspberries ( or any berry of choice )
2 tbsp Raw Honey ( or honey/agave nectar )
1 Mixing Bowl
1 Spoon
1 Cookie Tray
1 Butter Knife
Parchment Paper

Step 1:
Take your mixing bowl and using the spoon mix together the two cups of vanilla Greek yogurt + two tablespoons of raw honey or sweetener of your choice. Mix until there are no clumps of the raw honey visible.
Step 2:
Roll out the parchment paper and tear or cut off a piece large enough to cover the cookie tray.
Step 3:
Using a spoon take your bowl and place the yogurt onto the parchment covered cookie tray in a shape of a ghost. Once you make a ghost body you like add yogurt on top of it to make the body thicker. Continue to make the ghosts on the tray until you no longer have any yogurt left or any space left on the tray.
Step 4:
Take the 1 cup of blackberries + 1 cup of raspberries and use the berries to make eyes for each ghost. I used both berries to make each ghost’s eyes but feel free to either mix or match the berries. Next take the 1 cup of coconut chips and sprinkle them onto each ghost’s body. You’ll want a nice layer so that it completely covers the body.
image-6Step 5:
Using a butter knife cut the blackberries in half. Take one half and put it on a ghost as it’s mouth. Continue the process for each ghost. If you are using blueberries or another smaller berry then place the whole berry as the mouth.image-7

Step 6:
Stick the cookie tray into the freezer and let it set for 1 hr or until ghosts are frozen.
Step 7:
Once ghosts are frozen remove the cookie tray from the freezer, peel the ghosts off of the parchment paper (they should come off easily), and enjoy! image-9

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