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Designed in East London by Jacqui Ma, Goodordering’s unisex range of bags for kids are inspired by their big kid counterparts – cycling bags for adults. The Goodordering family now extends across generations as well as across geographic borders.

The range’s trans-atlantic inspiration mixes Bauhaus Berlin and Scandi design with Japanese school bags.

Within the range you will find the perfect bag for the urban carefree explorer.


Goodordering draws on the nostalgia and the carefree days of being a child in the 1980s. Practical in design but first and foremost playful and friendly, the Goodordering brand believes that life should be colourful and fun. The adventurous spirit of Goodordering does not have to be trekking up a mountain, we believe that sometimes the biggest adventures are just around the corner.

A perfect bag for work or play, this backpack is also the ultimate mobile office with its mulitple pockets, separate laptop section and spacious interior. Comfortable padded shoulder straps and retro, unisex design make this bag a Goodordering classic.

A bag to fall in love with, this sturdy, compact backpack attaches to all the essential modes of transport. Padded shoulder straps, chest strap and pull along strap, offer the all important ergonomics to growing bones.

Also known as ‘flat bag’, this slim but spacious sleeve features reflective panels for extra safety. The dirt proof nylon is wipe clean and water resistant.

This slim-line messenger bag is scaled down in width for little people whilst still large enough to fit A4 files. Our bags make learning fun and set kids up to be organised and responsible.

Goodordering bags are ultimately versatile and grow with your life. That is why you can use your handlebar bag on your buggy, or your nappy bag on your bicycle. We want our bags to be accessible by everyone at any age with any lifestyle.


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