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These DIY fruit poms are so fun to make for parties, or just for a fun decoration for a kids room! Lets learn how to make them:

supplies: sharp scissors, 20 (or more) any color tissue paper about 20″ x 30″ (i chose scalloped tissue paper), string of choice.
step 1. fold the tissue into an accordian stack.
step 2. secure the stack with the string of choice.
step 3. cut out a leaf shape & make a small hole in the middle. IMG_7250

then… loop through the top of the string so it sits on the stack
accordingly & tie a secure knot to hold it in place.
step 4. trim each end of the accordian to the shape of choice. (or not at all if you chose scalloped)

then proceed to begin seperating the first piece of tissue and pulling it up and away. continue onto the second side.IMG_2262
step 4. voila!! the finished poms!



Credits: Craft + Photos: Paula Jackson, Model: Adriana

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