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Forivor was established by Rebecca Attwood and Alice Ross, both based in Hackney, London. Named after Rebecca’s father Ivor, the concept for the brand came after Rebecca was writing a short story for her goddaughter, while also searching (and failing) to find exciting organic bedding. Unsurprisingly, the idea came in that strange moment between being awake and falling asleep.

Luxury and organic children’s bedding brand Forivor has launched its first Kickstarter campaign, with the aim of nurturing a generation of imaginative storytellers who are invested in the future of the planet. Forivor’s super-soft and beautiful reversible duvets and blankets feature a unique and highly detailed hand-drawn illustration on each side and are accompanied by a set of illustrated Character Cards, encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them and inspire magical bedtime storytelling.

One side of the bedding depicts a British woodland, with wildlife hiding in the undergrowth and up in the branches of the trees for children to find. Turning over your bedding reveals a transformed nighttime world. A place of wonder, where glow worms light up the enchanted forest and fantastical creatures play in secret burrows underground.

Forivor’s Character Cards draw on the popularity of collectable cards, providing interesting and memorable facts about wildlife on one side, encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them. The other side introduces the transformed creatures of Forivorland, their secrets and magic powers. Storytelling cues and questions encourage children to create their own bedtime tales. Designed in the UK, Forivor’s bedding is presented in a beautiful organic cotton suitcase, which could be used for play or as a first sleepover bag. The set of 16 cards are also presented in an organic cotton zip-up pouch.

Forivor's-Organic-and-Luxuriously-Soft-Bedding-Collection-launches-on-Kickstarter Forivor's-Junior-Character-Cards Forivor's-Enchanted-Forest-Collection-plays-with-the-idea-of-transformation-to-inspire-magical-sleep Detail-of-the-daytime-side-of-the-Enchanted-Forest-Duvet-Set All-Forivor's-luxurious-bedding-is-presented-in-this-hardwearing-and-beautiful-organic-cotton-suitcase- Forivor's-signature-Enchanted-Forest-Design-draws-on-British-Wildlife-to-inspire-a-passion-for-nature-and-storytelling Forivor's-Reversible-Bedding-is-completely-unique Forivor's-bedding-conjures-up-magical-stories-that-they-want-to-be-passed-from-one-generation-to-the-next Detailed-illustrations-by-Forivor's-Alice-Ross-bring-this-imaginative-concept-to-life

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